Learn New Languages in 10 Days, Pimsleur Approach

Learn a new language in 10 days, guaranteed, with Pimsleur Approach. With Pimsleur language course CDs you learn to speak like a native – fast. Learn new languages the right way! Call 1-866-204-7139 or visit PimsleurApproach.com.

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16 Responses to Learn New Languages in 10 Days, Pimsleur Approach

  1. larikamenthil says:

    I love Pimsleur :] I did this for japanese. Best language learning System out there!

  2. YouStoleMyTube says:

    It will teach you phrases and excellent pronunciation, as well as a (VERY) basic subconscious understanding of grammar… If that sounds like all that you want then go buy it now! But if that’s not what you want and are SERIOUS about learning a language, don’t just use one method, use many methods to supplement each other. Pimsleur may well be one of them, but it certainly will NOT teach you much on its own…

  3. 33dreamergirl says:

    has anyone successfully learned KOREAN with this?? PLZ REPLY I REALLY NEED TO KNO IF THIS THING WORKS OR NOT!

  4. rfwelsh says:

    Talk about misleading! For this abomination, I hereby solemnly swear that I will NEVER buy any Pimsleur product.

  5. De4sher says:

    i tried german.unlike the other methods, this is the best way to memorize what they teach you. You won’t get a ton of vocabulary, but you’ll be able to use instantly everything you know – if you do it right and take that half an hour a day to learn, you simply won’t forget what they teach you.

  6. De4sher says:

    Pimsleur is a VERY good method for total newbs. In those 10 days, you will know by heart a LOT of phrases.

    However starting to learn a language isn’t the same as learning a language. And there’s no course that can teach you a “language”.

  7. TheManGuyDude says:

    fake as shit

  8. Lovethedifferent says:

    Pimsleur works my brother and I both used it when we were going to Korea the amount of time differs for each person though it takes no long then a month if u don’t really try but you shouldn’t try learning it all in one day I love pimsleur and it was easy

  9. solo149st says:

    @kzundiverus Did it work? I thought this was a scam.

  10. rieper96 says:

    yep you can start a conversation in 3 days instead of ten

  11. Gnickk says:

    Well… after ten days “speak” in the sense that you know some greetings and questions. I still think Pimsleur is good.

  12. kzundiverus says:

    So it’s good? I am also getting the Japanese one ^^

  13. Elbravoenlacasa says:

    Just like me, I also believe that you may can learn like simple greeting phases in 10 days for another language, but to actually become fluent in it takes at least a couple years of practicing. Like me, I can pretty much speak Spanish fluently and say for example, go into a mexican store and say what I want at the deli in Spanish. Of cource I been practicing it for a little over 2 years. Like what I did for exp. is take a book in spanish and anytime I come to a unfamiliar word, I look it up.

  14. TeedandBrown says:

    Pimsleur is by far the BEST language learning system out there, but the 10 day claim is really about starting to speak the language, not speaking fluently. I’ve done several, and by 90 days, you can be pretty conversational. It’s great stuff.

  15. combatdstar says:

    I love you guys. I have the Pimsleur Japanese and it pwns. Plus its cheaper than going to classes lol.

  16. miniman14kk says:

    this is a good way to learn ive met many people who have done this. BUT when it says learn new languages in 10 days it means be able to say stuff like Hello, My name is ___ not be fluent. from what ive heard from people who actually did this it still would take 3 to 12 months depending on the language. also this is great to learn how to “speak” the language but your going to need something else like a text book or a class to actually learn to “read” and “write” the language.

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